Thank you to our valued customers!  We appreciate all your comments and feedback. Here’s what a few of them had to say about us:

When I decided to take the wedding set from my ex-husband and create a special piece of jewelry for my daughters 18th birthday, I went to Salassi Jewelry. They listened carefully to what I wanted, made a few suggestions, and got right on it. The resulting pendant they created for my daughter was beautiful!! She was moved to tears when I gave it to her and she wears it every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one I got at Salassi Jewelry. Thank you so much!!

— Ginger Edwards

Another of our customers tells a great story:

The first gift I ever gave my wife was a smoky topaz ring.  That was back in 1974.  She treasured the ring because it was both beautiful and had had great sentimental value.

A few months ago an unfortunate event occurred.  While washing dishes the ring slipped from her finger and into the drain.  She didn’t realize it was missing from her finger until she heard the metal on metal grinding sound when the switch was hit on the garbage disposal.

The stone was forever lost, but we were able to retrieve the casting.  It was a mangled mass of metal, hardly recognizable as a ring.  Needless to say, my wife was upset at the loss.

I took what was left of the ring to a local reputable jeweler to see if it could be refurbished and was told that it could not be done.  I then took it to Salassi Jeweler’s where I was told that it could be made to look like new!

The jewelers did a fantastic job restoring the ring to like new condition using the original gold.  A beautiful stone was selected for the mounting.

I was very satisfied with the work done. I can be a tough critic since in a previous career I handled shop repairs to all defective merchandise and customer returns for a major jewelry chain.   More important, however, is that my wife was absolutely delighted.

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone run their jewelry through a garbage disposal, but if they did, I’d certainly tell them about my Salassi experience.

— Keith Devall

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